• Integration Design Technology

    According to the source file or the actual size of the domain map unique integration software, from the structure, connect surface material to module, mold to create a complete set of solutions to ensure that your wonderful ideas perfect implementation.
  • Gradition Imaging Technology

    Grayscale imaging technology is independently developed by domain map, and transferred to the surface of sheet metal by CNC machining center.
  • Overall solution

    Accompany you to experience project preparation, design and construction until completion of project.
  • Deepened design

    Independent research and development design, hardware selection, structural design, construction design, and visual and functional solutions.
  • Professional installation and installation

    Relying on digital management, we can transform multiple production modes at the same time, which can efficiently and high quality, and solve the production demand of mass and complex modeling.
  • Superior quality

    Excellent quality control and control
    10 year quality assurance
    Through various fields of authentication